Lets give a helping hand to those who needed most

Lets give a helping hand to those who needed most! Words from a friend David Leong who had been there personally..
” went into temerloh today, and its such a sad sight… whats worse is when we found out how the system works.. to be in a relief center, u must first register.. by doing so, u get to ‘FIND’ a place to rest or sleep, if the only place is toilet, too bad for u.. also, u get food.. here comes the sad part.. once the deem FULL, no one is accepted into a relief center anymore.. not only do u not get a shelter, u dont even get food.. ure left to sort yourself out… this goes the same for those whose homes are not badly affected… u cannot get food from the relief center.. but ure stranded on an island.. how the hell are u supposed to find food for yourself, your family? …. this is why we went into Temerloh today, to provide our support to a local called Yannee, who provides for all those rejected by the center.. he either cooks and feed them (about 300 daily) or he distributes some supply for them to bring back to their areas, to feed the rest there… such a sad sad fact… so if ure donating or contributing, think again who needs it more… helicopters are not used to evacuate stranded ppl, but only for sick ppl… Yannee risk his life and his friends life, to go rescue those that he can.. at times, he even need to carry the boat 4 times at different areas just to drop supplies… wanna see what does temerloh look like today? check the pictures out for ourself.. seen, felt with my own feet n eyes…

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