Twin Peaks is off

Twin Peaks is off-the-charts awesome! Any Lynch fan should be supremely satisfied. I love that this gets to go on for 14 more weeks — Slow Cinema. I only wish I could see this in a movie theater.
And seriously, Fuck Off, New York Magazine. Your political + cultural critics are weenies. Apologists for Clinton. Consistent denialist dimwits about organic foods. And now unsurprisingly missing the boat (actually apologizing) about Twin Peaks. Your shopping “Strategist” business model is poisoned and your editorial choices follow suit. Chait, Traister, Kilgore, Sullivan, Seitz, and Splitter are all GUILTY of pedaling droopy intellect and dumbed down oligarchic posturing — so many cultural brown noses.
THE TWIN PEAKS APOLOGY (duh)…/david-lynch-forces-your-brain-to-w…
ORGANIC FOOD DENIAL MASQUERADING AS “SCIENCE”…/a-science-based-whole-foods-would-look-a…
THERE NOTHING EVER SURREAL ABOUT HILLARY…/05/hillary-clinton-life-after-election.h…
No, we don’t give 1,000 shits about “Friends” or Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Your tightrope act of walking the HIGH LOW cultural matrix is so goddam 90s! Yes, it’s your DNA, but it’s a DNA cliche.
Adam Moss (editor-in-chief for 14 years) is responsible for this and should step down. You are actually reifying tired cultural concepts and doing damage to our cultural discourse. Your writers are professional chumps and nearly always make me miss the sloppy, middle-finger spirit of Gawker. At the very least, their anti-establishment approach ruffled feathers.
Too bad Vice Magazine has a terrible, block-graphic WordPress-y website that doesn’t promote continuity. And too bad Vice News Tonight isn’t a nightly program anymore and not JUST on HBO. It was brilliant in October and November. It should be the future of nightly news. This was another cultural/political moment that NYMag completely (dis)missed (outsmarted again!)
The way out of this bottom-feeding already exists, the old guard just needs to LEAVE please…except of course for you, Mr. Lynch. Thank you, Gordon Cole, everything is fine.
And btw, please don’t watch Twin Peaks and try to “figure it out”. It’s a goddam sublime cosmic soap opera. ¡Claro que sí!
Apologies as usual for my screed. I’m leaving the country for a very long time. Too-Dah-Loo!