Dear God… I am so ready to get my Groove® back on

Dear God… I am so ready to get my Groove® back on!
After speaking with the CEO of my network, M Florentino Buenaventura over the past few days, the motivation he has instilled in my heart with regards to these huge an epic upcoming events for my radio show Jackie’s Groove® are going to be monumental! Demand (completely grateful) has required me to initiate a third broadcast when I come back to the microphone in the very near future after I recover from my spinal cord surgery. It looks as if my broadcast will go live Monday Wednesday and Friday at 12 o’clock PST along with my normal off broadcast surprise interviews! Thank you thank you thank you to my worldwide fans that have embraced Jackie’s Groove® beyond our wildest expectations A special thank you to my engineer and COO of my network Paul Berezetsky and my producer Megan Nguyen for a job well done! Excited to share my amazing interviews with the A-List of players and the iconic superstars in the industry with each and everyone of you all over the World!
“Ready to get your Groove on?!™
Peace Through Music™