#QOTD: “It’s #MuellerTime

#QOTD: “It’s #MuellerTime.” -Asha Rangappa, Dean of Admissions, Yale Law School
Also: “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” -James Comey
“The President is not a #liar.” -The White House (natch)
“Yes, we have to consider the possibility of obstruction of justice following today’s testimony.” -SEN Marco Rubio
And this tweet:
“One of these men is lying. I wonder if it’s the guy who served 3 presidents from 2 parties or the one who said Obama is from Kenya?” -Mikel Jollet
p.s. And if your defenders’ best smokescreen is blaming Comey for “leaking” his own non-confidential memos OR that because he didn’t do something right away, it makes everything else moot…you may not understand how extraordinary this situation is for the future of our country…and democracy. And why it needs to be resolved without the intrusion of partisan politics. Today was a big step in that direction…but we’ve still got a long way to go.